“It was a huge honor to be at the White House with national leaders in education, and it was a great day for community colleges and the students we serve.” — WestEd’s Renah Wolzinger, invited guest at White House

It’s not often that one gets invited to the White House. Renah Wolzinger, WestEd Research Associate, is an exception.


Visit to the White House Oct. 2014

Visit to the White House Oct. 2014


Wolzinger recently was an invited guest at the White House where winners of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant competition were announced.

The TAACCCT grants were awarded to colleges and consortiums that have well-defined programs connected to needed industry jobs. For example, Chaffey College and the Inland Empire Regional Training Consortium (comprised of colleges near Chaffee) received a large grant in advanced manufacturing.

Wolzinger represented WestEd on behalf of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

After meeting awardees from colleges across the country, Wolzinger, fellow invited guests, and the press listened to speeches from Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. The national leaders discussed the federal government’s reliance on community college programs to help bring back middle class jobs.

“It was incredible to hear the about how the government values the role of community colleges in the area of workforce and economic development first hand,,” says Wolzinger, who works in WestEd’s Health, & Human Development Program. ” I found the experience to be very inspirational.”